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Good Starting Points

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Category Description
General Canadian Nuclear FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the Canadian Nuclear Scene, focusing on CANDU. Good starting point for the general audience. By Jeremy Whitlock.
Societies CNS - Canadian Nuclear Society - the voice of the individual. The Bulletin, conferences, seminars, short courses...
-->Ask an Expert
Associations CNA - Canadian Nuclear Association - an association of many industries and enterprises sharing a common interest in the development and application of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
Universities NucEng - A university level Nuclear Engineering site . Contains Who's Who (also found in this wiki at Universities) list of other nuclear profs, Career page (also found in this wiki at Careers), online courses, extensive link list. Good starting point for the nuclear student. By Bill Garland
TechDocs CANTEACH - An extensive public domain repository of CANDU technical documents.
Networks UNENE - The University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering - an industry sponsored, university based, research and education initiative to address the current and future human resourse needs of the nuclear industry.
HealthPhysics Radiation Information Network's - Health Physics Related Employment Website, a US based Health Physics site. Lots of good links here.
General 1 Nuclear Place - a comprehensive guide to nuclear news and information on the internet, jobs, bookstore, classifieds and more. Very comprehensive for such a new site.
General NuclearMarket - A valuable resource for professionals in the Nuclear Industry featuring news, a buyer's guide, procurement opportunities, jobs, conference details and much more. The site is hosted by, a private business based in London. Site information is posted by individual member companies. Students can register their profile at the Career Center and will be informed by email each time a relevant job notice is posted by one of the members.
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