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Getting started

Search help

  • Enter your search text in the search box to the left. Use 'Go' to find page names that match that text. Use 'Search' to search for the text within the pages themselves.
    • The search engine used herein does not search short words (4 characters or less).
    • The search must be exact so searching for apples will not find apple.
    • Search strings like apples oranges will return pages that contains both these words somewhere on those pages, ie it means apples AND oranges.
    • Search strings in "double quotes" are treated as phrases.

How to add a reference

Want to add a citation to your wiki page? Here's how:

  • Edit your page.
  • Place your cursor where you'd like your citation.
  • Put the content of your footnote in between reference tags like this: <ref>reference text goes here</ref>
  • Include the following at the bottom of the page: <references/> if it is not already there. This will list the references included in the text above.
  • Save your page.
  • Example: Yada, yada, yada.[1]

Keyword help

  • Consider using keywords to tag text with a keyword. Users can use this to find all articles that contain that keyword. The use of agreed upon keywords will help avoid the confusion that results over the use different words for the same thing (keyword, keywords, tags, categories, ...) and the use of the same words for different things (apple could mean a fruit, a computer maker, ...).

Site Administration

  • To export this site to xml for backup or export purposes, center the edit mode for this section and copy and paste the following list of pages to Special:Export and follow the instructions there.

Main Page CANDU Design Evolution Summary Career Companies Contact Disciplines Discussion Factoids Groups Keywords List of Nuclear Courses News Monitor Nuclear News StartingPoints TechDocs Universities Talk:Main Page Talk:Discussion MediaWiki:Sidebar Template:Canada Template:SiteNavigation Template:StandardFooter Template:TalkSyntax Help:Contents Category:Career Category:Companies Category:Discipline Category:Disciplines Category:Discussion Category:Groups Category:Index Category:Nuclear News Category:StartingPoints Category:TechDocs Category:Universities User:Admin User:Garlandw Nuclear Canada Wiki:About Nuclear Canada Wiki:Community Portal

  • Once you have exported the pages, if you want the info in html format, you can copy and paste the xml into wiki2html.
  • Images and file uploads will need to be backed up manually by the site administrator (just do a 'ftp get' on files in the images directory).
  • File upload limits can be changed by the site administrator (alter the php.ini file on the server using the host Control Panel).


  1. Joe Smith, some paper, somewhere
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