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Groups - Societies, Associations, Networks, Personal Sites


  • CNS - Canadian Nuclear Society - the voice of the individual. The Bulletin, conferences, seminars, short courses...
  • CNA - Canadian Nuclear Association - an association of many industries and enterprises sharing a common interest in the development and application of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
  • OCI www.oci-aic - The Organization of CANDU Industries represents its membership in support of domestic and international equipment supply to the nuclear industry.
  • WiN - Women in Nuclear (WiN) Canada - A world-wide association of women working professionally in various fields of nuclear energy and radiation applications.
  • UNENE - The University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering - an industry sponsored, university based, research and education initiative to address the current and future human resourse needs of the nuclear industry.
  • The NWMO is a new organization created to recommend a long-term approach for managing used nuclear fuel produced by Canada's electricity generators. Their final report is available as of 2005.11.03.
  • Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy (Canada) (EFN-CANADA) - a Canadian federally incorporated not-for-profit organization whose objects are to provide complete and straightforward information about energy and the environment, to make known the advantages of nuclear energy, and especially the environmental benefits, to bring together persons favouring the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes with respect for the environment and with proper management of nuclear waste.
  • Personal sites
    • Canadian Nuclear FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the Canadian Nuclear Scene, focusing on CANDU. For the general audience. By Jeremy Whitlock.
    • NucEng - A university level Nuclear Engineering site . Contains online courses. Good starting point for the nuclear student. By Bill Garland
    • Nuclear Issues by J.A.L. Robertson. A well reasoned site by an accomplished and recognized scientist. Archived at
    • Canadian Nuclear Pioneers - Information on the pioneers of the Canadian nuclear enterprise, presented by the Canadian Nuclear Society
  • Health Physics


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